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It’s been a while. Hello

It’s been a while. Hello

No one is ever nice.
Deal with it; This is the real world.

Dear 2012,
You have been an incredible year.

I have learned so much, and I will continue to learn,
I have found a little bit more of my directions to my future,
I have got to know some incredible people, you probably know, or not know who you are.. But it was such a pleasure meeting every single one of you and it has been nice and fun.
I have won a competition with my awesome team mates, though, I know we don’t really deserve it but we got lucky anyway.
I got to see the most awesome k-pop group ever, Big Bang! (hurhurrr)
I have earn some money during my summer break (yes big deal!) :P
I have live through 2012, though I did not believe a single thing about the world ending.

Yes it might not be anything too massive nor incredible but, it will be yet another year I will cherish and remember in my heart.

So thank you, to those who have helped me, guide me, listens to me, teaches me, scolded me, laughed with me, argued with me…


It’s going to be yet another crazy year! So buckle up!
2013, I’m ready for you!


Am I not putting enough of thought in it?

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